It is great to have your L-29 restored, and then to be able to have it do “Best L-29” at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club meet, in Auburn Indiana.

At Ken’s Classics, Ken Clark, owner, is able to do the job that you are looking for, be it a driver or Pebble Beach or any where in between.

“I have completely restored twelve L-29’s and have two more in the shop in the process. I make many high quality parts needed to bring these wonderful pieces of “Craftsmanship” back to their original splendor. Or I can build you a fine driver.” – Ken Clark

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My interest in cars came when I was a young boy. My family and I went to visit my Uncle yearly, who had a small collection of antique automobiles. I used to sit in the cars and dream of one day maybe owning such a piece. My first car was a 1947 Oldsmobile Club Coupe Model 66 which I saw beside a barn in California when I was fifteen, and purchased for twenty dollars. I still have this very car. I bring it out of storage once in a while for a little spin around the yard.

Today the majority of my business is centered on the restoration of Cords, both L-29’s and 810/812’s. A small but growing part of my business is dedicated to the reproduction of unavailable and necessary parts for the quality restoration, needed, to bring these wonderful cars back to their original condition, both for Cords and other antique vehicles.

I have a list of parts that I have reproduced for L-29’s. To see this list, click here. I’ll be glad to be of service to you

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