Ken's L-29

In 1929, a magnificent car was built (the very first production front wheel drive automobile) and introduced to the world. What kind of car might that be you ask? It is a L-29 Cord. The Cord that I now own is serial number 2926061. This particular car was the 1061st car off the Cord line. It is a Cabriolet, the 115th Cabriolet built.

From the assembly line, the car was shipped directly to a California showroom. Where it was purchased by a gentleman (name unknown). The car stayed in California until 1994 when Michael D’Alonzo purchased it from the previous owner through me, Ken Clark. I personally drove to California from Maine for the car. I brought it home to Maine where it currently resides in my shop.

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The car was bought with the intent to have it completely restored. Unfortunately, the owner passed on before the car started its road to restoration. I took it upon myself to purchase the car and fulfill Michael D’Alonzo’s dream of having the car in showroom condition again.

Since that time I have completely restored the Cord and have shown it already at several different shows. It has been shown at ACD Auburn and Pennsylvania, AACA in Hershey and CCCA in Philadelphia. Currently my L-29 is at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum for all to see.

My interest in the Cord started when I was in my early thirties and saw one sitting in a back field somewhere in Belgrade, Maine. The car was said to have been driven to that very spot some forty-five years previously and shut off. It had sat there unmoved until purchased in 1982. Ironically, that very car is one of the Cords that I have completely restored.

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